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Technology Blogs

Below you will find a selection of our latest blog posts that are designed to give you an insight into trending topics and general mobile technology concepts.

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5G Advanced – RAN Enhancements

Whilst many service providers are currently deploying and optimizing their 5G NR (New Radio) networks using 3GPP Release 15/16 compliant equipment, 3GPP is pressing on finalizing...
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Wi-Fi 7

Wi-Fi Evolution As Wi-Fi 6 capable devices become more prominent in the market, and more and more countries open the unlicensed 6GHz band (Wi-Fi 6E), you could be forgiven for thinking that the...
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Improving the Digital Divide with 5G

Out of the 176 operators that have launched 5G services currently only 14 commercially support 5G SA (Standalone) operation. These Standalone 5G networks mainly utilize Mid Band frequencies, with the...
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Use Cases in 5G

The telecoms industry is always changing by the constant evolution of technology. From 2G, 3G and 4G, through to 5G, we are expecting to see an even greater acceleration as we witness an increased...
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Mpirical Quarterly: April-June 2021

In this edition of the Mpirical Quarterly, we invite you to explore this exciting time with us as we look ahead to the future — celebrating company growth, the addition of new courses to our...
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Open RAN is Open for Debate

When you start to dig into the details of Open RAN, on paper it very quickly becomes a compelling proposition. The notion of having an open, disaggregated Radio Access Network which, crucially, is...
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5G Security when Roaming – Part 2

Last month we introduced the topic of security when roaming in 5G and in so doing set out the network architecture and introduced the key functions that are involved. Furthermore, we also focused in...