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Enterprise Training

Enterprise Telecoms Training Solutions

As an enterprise organisation in one of the world’s critical industries, you need your teams to realise their full potential. And we can help you. Backed by almost 2 decades of experience, we offer bespoke training solutions that align with individual learning needs.

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A Custom Solution with a Proven Foundation

Harnessing the power of our extensive portfolio and course materials, and springboarding from our intuitive LearningZone platform, we work with you to customise a package that goes beyond our standard solution, and covers even the most complex of training needs.

Why Mpirical?
Your training solution is underpinned by our standard learning model, which benefits from:
Flexible Course Delivery
Choose from LiveOnsite, LiveOnline and OnlineAnytime course delivery, depending on the needs of your teams.
Course Content
A comprehensive portfolio of over 60 telecoms courses covering a range of technologies and learning levels, accompanied by first class supporting materials.
Certified Training
Many of our courses are accredited by the ITP and count towards CPD, giving your teams the recognition they deserve.
Bring learning to life with our unique network visualisation tool, fully customisable for enterprise clients.

Go beyond with a Bespoke Learning Academy

Give your teams the gift of a seamless learning experience. Partner with us and gain access to our entire course range from your own custom built, branded academy. Fully customise your solution with the features you need to enhance the performance of your teams. All of our customisation options can be tailored to your exact specifications.

Enhanced Learning

Tailored learning specific to your teams

  • Tailored Learning Paths
  • Custom Glossary of Terms
  • Custom Learning badges & achievements
  • Add on 2min On Video portfolio
Platform Integration

A seamless extension of your own platform

  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • API integration for tailored reporting
  • Non-standard user logins for privacy & security
Knowledge Base

A hub for all your related learning content

  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • Case studies & use cases
  • Embed or link to other customer content
Dedicated Support

Assistance onboarding and promoting internal engagement

  • Managed administration
  • Tailored walkthrough & welcome videos
  • Internal marketing and communications support
  • Facilitated user surveys & analysis
Custom NetX

Interactive visualisation of your own network or products

  • Your network, specific architecture, call flows & procedures
  • Your products, positioned on a 3GPP based network map
  • Custom maps to focus on testing & monitoring interfaces
Multi Language

Make learning accessible to everyone

  • Multi-lingual close caption training videos
  • Translated course materials
  • Multi-lingual support videos

Benefits of a custom training solution

Tailored for complex needs
Increased learner engagement
Cost effective and increased ROI
Effective measuring & visibility of learning progress
Better business alignment
Discounts on live delivery, development & mentoring

Trusted by Respected Providers

They are flexible in approach and will accommodate and react to changes in project milestones as they arise when working in a complex organization.
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    The best way to quickly address any training requirements you may have is to contact us, but here’s the key points:

    • We’re responsive – give us your delivery date and we’ll do everything we can to meet it.
    • We’re flexible – course description not quite what you’re looking for? We can tailor it to what you need.
    • We’re adaptive – too little or too much technical detail? We can ease off or dive-in, whichever you require.
    • We’re effective – our course evaluations speak for themselves; consistently excellent feedback across all of our delivery options.