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Helping people understand technology is what we do. During the many years Mpirical has been established, we have trained thousands of students within the mobile telecoms arena. Our experienced and talented trainers have worked tirelessly to create training courses that are cutting-edge, relevant and concise. We’ve also worked with a large number of organizations in various sectors to create bespoke learning solutions which provide a perfect fit for their training requirements.

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The introduction of 5G into the mobile space is an exciting time for vendors and service providers alike. Our 2G, 3G and 4G training has helped us to build a strong reputation for premium quality training, and 5G is no exception. We can offer a number of courses and learning resources that are centred around 5G; find out how we can help you understand the next phase of mobile networks.

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With 4G now considered to be a mature technology, we have built up a wealth of hands on experience working across a number of operational LTE networks. As LTE Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro continues to enhance 4G data rates, we can offer beginner to advanced level training courses for all aspects of 4G technology (including CIoT, Wi-Fi and VoLTE).

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Although 4G based Mobile Broadband continues to dominate, many networks based on UMTS and HSPA continue to support 4G and in some cases provide 4G level data rates. This, coupled with the voice services that 3G networks provide, makes 3G an important technology which should not be overlooked. We certainly appreciate this and as such, we can offer a range of UMTS and HSPA based training courses.

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GSM and GPRS technologies still form the backbone of many mobile networks around the globe, both for voice services and in support of the latest EC-GSM standards. From the RAN to the Core, we can offer a comprehensive suite of training courses at a variety of technical levels.

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