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Telecoms Training for Equipment Vendors

Developing equipment for ever evolving mobile networks requires good grounding across your teams in the technologies you’re looking to support. We’ve been harnessing our technical expertise and ability to produce and deliver quality targeted learning to train equipment vendors across the globe for almost 2 decades.

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Training to Aid Innovation

From product support to diverse development teams, your entire workforce can benefit from a sound understanding of the technologies communicating with your equipment. Invest in upskilling your teams to ensure everyone has the standard of knowledge they need to build and maintain solid network solutions.

Catering for all phases of the product development cycle, our technical training portfolio offers a varied range of courses and delivery options to suit differing requirements.

Training teams together, apart

Our flexible course delivery options offer a choice of cost effective solutions for multi-location teams. Choose from our LiveOnline virtual classroom sessions, or our popular on demand video based learning OnlineAnytime. LiveOnsite delivery is also available for those more complex training needs.

60+ courses spanning multiple technologies

Our portfolio of courses range across 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, emerging and complementary technologies, and are aimed at varying levels of technical understanding, enabling you to upskill across your teams no matter their role or seniority within the product development cycle.

Apply learning with an interactive network map

Our unique network visualization tool NetX aids learning by allowing your teams to manipulate a 3GPP standard network to fully understand where your equipment fits into the wider network, and how it interacts with the technologies it supports.

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Partner with us for Bespoke Solutions

Give your teams a seamless learning experience, with one of our customization options. We partner with Service Providers across the globe to bring bespoke solutions that enhance their learning initiatives. From branded learning academies and custom NetX iterations, to a fully tailored training package, we can adapt to your business needs.

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Gavin, our instructor, lives and breathes 5G. He answered all my questions on the technology with a great deal of details. The course, delivery and materials are top-notch.
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