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Telecoms Training for Network Performance & Monitoring

Understanding the technologies and standards your solutions are monitoring is essential for both you and your customers. At Mpirical, we’ve been delivering product and technology training to teams and their customers across the globe for almost 2 decades.

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A Shared Foundation of Knowledge

Upskill your staff and keep your solutions up to date to reflect and cover the latest technologies and network standards. Provide your customers with the same foundation of knowledge to ensure your products are being utilised to their full potential. With Mpirical, you can do both.

Delivering telecoms training across a spectrum of technologies, catering to all skill levels and telecommunication roles.

Cost effective course delivery

With LiveOnsite training available for single location organisations, plus LiveOnline and on demand OnlineAnytime course delivery, you can choose the best learning delivery for your needs.

Technology courses, thoughtfully structured

Our 50+ courses and complementing courseware are first class in terms of both their content and the intuitive modules they are split into. We aim to make learning accessible, meaning we’ve given careful consideration to the overall structure of our training.

Innovative solutions for applied learning

We give you and your customers the unique ability to visualize a standard network with our interactive tool NetX. Learners can manipulate the 3GPP based network map to better understand the intricacies of the technologies you’re working with.

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Partner with us for Bespoke Solutions

Give your teams a seamless learning experience, with one of our customization options. We partner with Service Providers across the globe to bring bespoke solutions that enhance their learning initiatives. From branded learning academies and custom NetX iterations, to a fully tailored training package, we can adapt to your business needs.

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They are flexible in approach and will accommodate and react to changes in project milestones as they arise when working in a complex organization.
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